Could you please also send me a quotation/invoice?

Certainly. Go to our contact page and provide all the detail that you would like on the invoice/quotation.


Can I do the exam from anywhere, even at my home?

Sure, as long as you have a stable internet connection. You do not need to have Pastel installed on that PC when doing the exam. The exam would be done on the Pastel website. When completed with your course we will provide step by step instructions on how to register your exam code.

What if I do not succeed the first time - is that it? 

No, you are welcome to contact us for a new exam code. There is a cost involved that we need to pay Sage Pastel. The reality is that this course is not an easy - the advantage for you is that it makes the certificate just that more valuable in the workplace.


Please also advise when I will receive the course material, how long will delivery take when I live in Pietermaritzburg?

The manual are couriered the same day if the order was placed before 1pm. City to city normally takes 48 hours, outlying areas 72 hours during weekdays.


I have started my course but have been unable to correctly register the package or open the demo company because there is an error message saying firstly that the incorrect registration code has been entered.

If you have any problems with installation you can contact us and we will help. Failing that you can install a free program Teamviewer (www.teamviewer) where we will sort out the problem.


Please advise what version of pastel partner intermediate this is?

You will receive V18 to ensure you learn on the latest version. If you for some reason wants to learn a previous version you are welcome to contact us.


Can this Pastel work on Mac?

No, our Pastel operates on a Windows Vista, 7,8 and 10 environment.


What is the course duration?

This depends on the person and their experience. 50-60 hours is normally a good guideline. You have however six months to complete the course. If you need an extension you can talk to us. It is in our interest to see you succeed.


We are running Pastel Xpress and would like more info if this course will help.

The difference between the 2 is minimal and if you do the Pastel Partner course everything will be the same except that you can with Partner add more user control.  When you do our Pastel @ home course successfully the Pastel Xpress environment would be 100% familiar to you.


Does this course cover up to trial balance:

Yes, it does


Do you  have a payment plan?

No, one of the reasons we can offer it at this low price is that we do not have a payment plan.


How can I pay for this course?

Most people pay with EFT, however you can  make use of Payfast as well. They are very secure and reputable and can handle credit cards, debit cards from nearly all South African Banks. This provides you with the security that your detail is stored safely and that the payment will be done immediately.


What if I realised this is not for me?

Full - no quibble - money back guarantee. If you within seven days after receiving this feel that you made a mistake for any reason then you can sent the complete manual and CD's back to us for reimbursement.


What must I do next?

Complete the quick  registration form to invest in yourself.

What if I have some more question? 

Fill in your details on the Contact Us page so that we can answer any question that you might have.


Who manages pastel.training website? 

RAS Training & Development trading as Learn:Blended and are based in Bellville. Learn:Blended are a Seta Accredited Training Provider (MICT Seta Accreditation ACC/2018/01/0003) .

We have been offering this Pastel Courses for many years as a normal 4 day course. We have however realised there is a need for persons to do this course at home due to distance from an Accredited Training Provider, cost issue or they just need a refresher on the latest version with a certificate to proof. This is where we can help you.